Naples Little Bunch Preschool

  • Children shall be picked up in a timely manner.  Morning children shall be dismissed at 11:15 a.m., and afternoon children shall be dismissed at 2:45 p.m.

  • Beginning 5 minutes after dismissal time, parents shall be charged $5.00 for every 5 minutes they are late in picking up their child. 

  • Please do not brings pets onto the property when picking up or dropping off children.  Although most pets are safe, we need to be sure the area is safe and clean for the children.

School Calendar

Disciplinary Procedure

School Policies

New York State Department of Health - The Flu: A Parents Guide

Picking Up Children

  • Any child may be expelled, suspended, or censured by 2/3 vote of not less than a quorum of the Executive Board at any regular meeting or at a special meeting call for that purpose, provided that notice in writing of such action shall have been delivered to the offending child or mailed to his/her last known address at least ten days prior to such meeting for reasons of: 

                  - Non-payment of tuition or other indebtedness to the school. 

                  - Violation of any provision of these policies. 

                  - Behavior contrary to the best interest of the school and other children. 

Health Rules

  • The first term is mid-September through mid-January. 

  • The second term is mid-January through mid-June. Vacations and Holidays will follow those of Naples Central School.

  • If Naples Central School is canceled due to weather related issues, Naples Little Bunch shall also be canceled.
  • No child with an infectious rash or disease shall attend.  

  • If there is a question as to the nature of the illness, a doctor's note may be requested. Children who have had severe diarrhea, a fever of at least 100 degrees, or vomiting within less than 24 hours shall not attend. 

  • Parents will use particular discretion in sending a child with cold symptoms. 

  • A teacher may request that a parent take a child home if symptoms of illness appear.  All contagious diseases shall be reported. 

  • Each newly enrolled child must have a certificate of good health from his/her physician indicating immunizations, as required by New York State.  Examinations must be made prior to the first day of school and apply to the entire year. 

  • Each child and working adult is required to fulfill New York State health requirements.