Naples Little Bunch Preschool

Preparation for Kindergarten

Intellectual Development

Motor Development

  • Integrated learning through projects and thematic units which expand children's knowledge and skills in various areas.  Children learn what is meaningful to them.  our theme units revolve around the experiences, knowledge, skills, needs, and interests of our children.  
  • Learning is focused through hands-on discovery activities, group discussions, stories, and flannel board aids. Learning through games such as sequencing, memory (concentration), matching lotto. Identifying colors, shapes, beginning number concepts, and beginning letter recognition and sound concepts through an integrated approach.  
  • Fine motor skills (small muscle coordination, control and strength) are developed through manipulative toys, painting, pasting, tracing, coloring, cutting, and by experimenting with dough.   
  • Large motor skills are developed through outdoor play, tumbling, walking, jumping, hopping, exercising, throwing and catching, parachute play, and group games. Rhythmic movement skills are developed through dancing, pantomime, marching, clapping, repetitions and patterns, and songs.
  • Little Bunch is a place of social and joyful learning in and for itself.  Additionally, it helps ready our children for kindergarten by: 
  • Helping build self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Helping the child become more comfortable in a group situation.  
  • Developing good listening skills and the ability to follow simple directions.  
  • Developing basic concept and problem solving skills.  Help the child separate comfortably from parents.  
  • Establishing friendships with other children who will be in kindergarten with them.