Naples Little Bunch Preschool

Our Teachers

Since 1975, Naples Little Bunch has offered our community a quality preschool curriculum with an emphasis on self confidence, exploration, creativity, and fun.  

Our classroom is warm, welcoming, and inspiring.  Every Little Bunch student is encouraged to learn about themselves, other children, and the world in which they live.

Our teachers, New York State certified teacher Christina Campbell and co-teacher Stephanie Sheedy, are dedicated to making each school day fun and enriching.  

Our board of directors volunteer countless hours each year to handle the administrative functions of the school.  

Why are we all so motivated?  

For the love of children — ours and yours.

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Our Program

"Educating our communities youngest learners since 1975"

As a parent co-operative, our preschool offers parents many opportunities to be actively involved in their children's experience.  

Our School